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Jay Leno's Garage - Scarab Replica
Jay Leno's Garage plays host to Dick Kittzmiller, owner of Scarab Motorsports, along with the first reproduction of the famous Scarab race car. These excellent reproductions feature all aluminum bodies and safety upgrades for street and track use. Jay loved the Hilborn injected power of the Scarab, and took serveral opportunities to put the pedal to the metal in this Hilborn injected model. Thank you, Dick, for making Hilborn Fuel Injection the official fuel injection supplier for Scarab Motorsports!

Galpin Auto Sports Live Build Ford Mustang - SEMA 2009
Hilborn Fuel Injection was the esteemed guest of the Ford Motor Company at SEMA 2009, and huddled within the giant Ford booth, the multi talented crew of Galpin Auto Sports was tasked with a build project of enormous proportions. The goal? To perform a live build.....

Hilborn Rotary Manifold Dyno Test - Horsepower Productions
Aaron Long of Horsepower Productions (717.512.1352) showcases the power production of a butterfly and rotary Hilborn Injector on one of his 357cid ASCS engine combinations. When it comes to big power, Aaron doesn't disappoint, and neither do the Hilborn injectors.

New EFI Hilborn 8 Stack 406 SBC from Nelson Racing Engines. 530 HP/530 Ft. Lbs. HD
Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines (818.998.5593) whips on this 406 cid pump gas SBC equipped with a mild hydraulic roller cam and a Hilborn injector, to the tune of 530 HP and 530 ft/lbs. The throttle response is crazy and way too much fun! Great engine Tom!

Hellenor Mustang Test Drive from Nelson Racing Engines
Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines (818.998.5593) test drives this ultra crisp 447cid SBF in a custom built Mustang, named Hellenor. With 637 HP and 600 ft/lbs on tap, every jab of the throttle is music to the ears and, in between the high revving symphony, one can see the smooth drivability offered by a Hilborn. An excellent example of an exquisite high end custom car build.

632 Dyno Test With Hilborn 3 inch EFI Injection
Designed and assembled by Hilborn's EFI specialist, Andrew Starr, this pump gas 632 cid BBC has, as its' crowning touch, one of Hilborn's 3 inch injectors. This engine is destined for the 56 Chevy of Chuck Koehn. Chuck should buy stock in his tire company because the engine made 951 HP and 914 ft/lbs of torque. Ouch!

1965 Corvette Sting Ray
The frame off restoration of this beautiful 1965 Corvette is centered around its' Hilborn equipped high performance engine. Autographed by Stuart Hilborn, this Corvette shows off its' muscle with exceptional throttle response and engine acceleration. This corvette is the perfect mix of style, power and drivability.

Manifold Adjustments Video
For correct operation of your Hilborn Injector the manifold will need to be tuned. This includes linkage and butterfly adjustments. If the injector is removed from the engine after being tuned, the process will need to be repeated. Although injector linkage is preset at the factory, adjustments will need to be performed after installation. Three piece injectors by nature of their design, will need to adjusted before initial setup and when warm.

Synchrometer Tuning Video
Final tuning, or balancing of the butterflies insures that each cylinder is performing the same work at idle and at part throttle. When accomplished, your engine will start and idle extremely well. For EFI applications, this step will ensure there is a good exhaust note and provide the best in drivability and engine acceleration. For Mechanical/Racing applications this step will ensure that all cylinders are at the correct temperature for the quickest front half times or optimal acceleration when exiting a turn. We have found that the use of a Synchrometer, allows us to maximize adjustments with the least amount of time

Holley Base Program Installation
Installation of a Holley base program for either the HP or Dominator ECU.


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