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Our Products: CHEVROLET

Model *327C8A/AE2
Part Name Small Block Chevy Electronic Fuel injector
Application SBC heads with standard deck height, 23º cylinder heads
Bore Size 2-3/16", 2-7/16"

Known the world over as the most prolific engine ever produced, the Small Block Chevy has been used in countless racing venues with resounding results. Racers have set record after record with these little engines and the fastest have counted on Hilborn injection to provide the power to do so. Now, with a Hilborn EFI Kit, you can have the same power the racers rely on, along with all the drivability EFI has to offer. From 290hp crate engines to big cubic inch stroker motors… we have a Fuel Injector to fit your combination.

Why is a Hilborn better?
Hilborn Injector manifolds are a true individual runner (IR) manifold providing the best all around power output and drivability in comparison to other IR manifolds manufactured with a plenum chamber. A true IR does not suffer from the disruptive cylinder to cylinder pulses associated with a common plenum intake or IR manifolds with a plenum chamber. These pulses promote fuel separation from the air carrier, the slowing of air movement in the manifold, and the inability to realize engine potential due to poor burn characteristics in the combustion chamber. The IR design of the Hilborn isolates these pulses allowing the engine to make more bottom end torque, have increased throttle response and most importantly allow the engine to accelerate faster. Most applications will also see a significant increase in top end power. These same attributes also allow smoother low speed drivability.

Besides, nothing looks better than eight stacks sitting on top of your engine. Have the best of both worlds with a Hilborn!
Proudly made in the USA!

    Standard Features:
  • high quality heat-treated aluminum casting
  • cad-plated steel ram tubes
  • fully assembled with shafts, butterflies, linkage, fuel rails, mounted TPS with connector and vacuum kit

  • Options:
  • polished castings
  • powder coating
  • chrome ram tubes
  • billet aluminum ram tube-air filter combo
  • port matching
  • complete hand porting

  • Pricing:
  • Hilborn EFI kit with FAST XFI ECU starting at $7815.00
  • Hilborn EFI kit with Holley HP ECU starting at $6905.00

Click here for a complete description of Hilborn EFI Kits

Contact our EFI specialist for more information or a price quote.


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