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Part Name FAST XFI 2.0 ECU

For those looking for premier fuel and spark control, Hilborn Fuel Injection is proud to offer the FAST XFI 2.0, the most versatile ECU for beginners and professionals alike.

Using inputs from sensors such as MAP, coolant temp, air charge, O2 and TPS, the XFI can tailor the fuel and spark curve at any load, rpm, or boost level, providing the ultimate in efficiency and drivability. You will also find that the XFI is as comfortable on the race track as it is on the street.

Tuning of the XFI through itís Windows based software is years ahead of older systems, allowing even the novice to quickly become comfortable with all tuning aspects and now, with its' self learning auto tune VE table, a base table can easily be populated just by driving the car.

The C-Com software can be easily downloaded for review at: (Requires filling out the online registration form). The supplied C-Com software disc includes a help file that contains detailed installation instructions along with wiring schematics, pin out charts and tuning instructions. After purchasing, the professionals at Hilborn Injection will create a base startup program for your application and supply detailed tuning tips, along with providing the very best in technical support.

FAST drop-in distributors take the guesswork out of running your EFI system in sequential mode. These plug and play distributors have the required cam and crank outputs along with automatically compensating for crank reference angle and rotor phasing. They are available for most applications.

With the FAST XFI from Hilborn your EFI system can be all you ever wanted. So whether it is mild or wild, let the professionals at Hilborn Fuel Injection take the guess work out of EFI by designing your system today! Contact our EFI specialist for more information or a price quote.

  • FAST XFI ECUís and components are available separately.

    New Features include:
  • Self Learning Auto Tune VE Table
  • User Adjustable Battery Voltage Injector Opening Correction Table
  • Fixed Timing "TEST" Mode: easy verification of ignition timing accuracy
  • Spark vs. Coolant Temp Offset Table
  • User Configurable Target Air Fuel Offset Table vs. Coolant Temp Table: more accurate warm-up enrichment
  • User Selectable Safety Feature: deactivates all power adder features in event of fault code
  • Automatic & Manual TPS Calibration Modes
  • Additional Transbrake Control Features
  • Improved On-Board Diagnostics
  • Advanced Forced Induction, Power Adder & Race Controls

    Standard Features include:
  • Built in wide-band O2
  • Full sequential and/or bank to bank capability
  • Speed density or Alpha N
  • Open/closed loop operation
  • High/low impedance injectors
  • Individual cylinder correction
  • Fan and fuel pump control
  • 1,2,3 and 5 bar MAP capability
  • Diagnostic lights
  • Power adder features
  • IAC control
  • External data logging (requires laptop)
  • Multiple calibration files available via toggle switch (no laptop)
    And much moreÖ

    Optional Features:
  • Transmission control
  • Coil over plug, DIS ignition control
  • Internal data logging
  • Traction control

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