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Our Products: CHEVROLET-Small Block

Model *396-C-8L
Part Name Big Block Chevy Fuel Injector 2-7/16" bore
Engine Big Block Chevrolet
Bore Size 2-7/16" ID
Price $3,170.00

The Hilborn 396-C-8L is designed to fit standard 23 degree heads with siamesed rectangular ports. As a three piece injector, it gives you the flexibility to fit numerous applications such as multiple deck heights or heavily modified heads, and can easily be retro fitted to oval port heads with the use of a FelPro gasket #1275. Utilizing a curve throat design, the 396-C-8L provides minimal flow disruption, allowing outstanding port speed for maximum cylinder fill. Hilborn injectors come with numerous standard features that prove, once again, you get more value from Hilborn Fuel Injection.

Standard Features

  • High quality heat treated aluminum castings
  • Precision machined in-house
  • CNC port openings
  • Valley plates available for standard, tall or custom deck heights
  • Front mounted metering block
  • Clear anodize finish for long lasting durability

    Hilborn Injectors come completely assembled with shafts, butterflies, linkage, coolant fittings, barrel valve, hoses, nozzles (flowed and matched), bypass and secondary valves and 3 main jets. All Hilborn injectors can be configured for either gas, alcohol or nitro applications.

    When purchased as a complete system the professionals at Hilborn Injection will develop a fuel curve based on your engine and its intended application, and then wet flow your pump and nozzles, ensuring bolt on performance along with providing an excellent base tune-up. And unlike some of our competitors, we provide this service at no cost to you.

    Fuel injection does not have to be difficult, and we find some make it more complicated than it has to be. Over the years we have refined and developed products to make the most of your injection system while resisting the temptation to offer numerous redundant products, which tends to over complicate the process. The professionals at Hilborn Fuel Injection know what it takes to get the most out of your injection system so you have the power and reliability to get the win. Call and allow our experienced staff to design an injection system for you.
    Proudly made in the USA!

    Hilborn does not recommend mechanical fuel injection for the street. Click here to find out why.

    Contact our office for more information or to place an order.


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