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Fuel Injection Engineering has been in business since 1948, and we have a proven track record! Our sales and engineering staff each have over 25 years of experience in giving our customers quality, reliable products and knowledgeable service, both at competitive prices!

We not only manufacture and sell the HILBORN brand of fuel injection systems and components, we are also dealers for these product lines. Call us for a quote!

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The Hilborn Fuel Injector

The primary function of the HILBORN fuel injector is to increase horsepower, and from the racer's viewpoint, this is still its' greatest asset.
The horsepower gains are fundamentally due to two reasons:

  1. Increased volumetric efficiency because of the elimination of the boosters which inherently restrict the flow of air in carburetors.
  2. Absolutely equal distribution of fuel flow and air flow to the cylinders.

In the early 1960's we developed a new HILBORN fuel injection system for turbocharged engines. This system proved so successful that we were able to introduce turbocharged engines to the Indianapolis 500 race. In a very short time, every car in the race was turbocharged and HILBORN injected.

For the last 50 years, the HILBORN Fuel Injector has dominated in racing circles..... from sprint cars to motorcycle racing, to 34 wins at the Indianapolis 500.

The Inventor, Stu Hilborn

I was first exposed to racing by a friend who took me to Muroc Dry Lake in the late 1930's. One visit was enough...I was hooked!

Soon after, I built my first car, an A-V8, and raced for a few years with moderate success. In 1941 I moved up to the streamliner class, but the car was not yet finished when the war began. I served in the Air Force and it was during this period that I drew up plans for the first fuel injector.

When the war ended, I started construction on my fuel injector, and also raced my streamliner at the Dry Lakes with considerably more success than I ever had with my roadster. The only bad scene was the day I got upside-down in it! The fuel injector was performing beautifully by that time, and after rebuilding the car, it became the first car to break 150 mph.

I began to build fuel injectors for the Offenhauser midget engine and these were doing so well, I eventually had to quit racing and start my manufacturing career.

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